General Appropriations

The conference committee report on SB 1, which appropriates funding to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and other state agencies for the Fiscal Year (FY) 2014-15 biennium, has been approved by the House of Representatives and Senate. In addition to the operational funding allocated to the Department, SB 1 appropriated funds for pay raises affecting all state employees. A summary of how the conference committee decisions will impact TDCJ and the agency’s employees follows.

Please note that the funding decisions described below will not be finalized until the appropriations bill has been certified by the Comptroller and approved by the governor.



Provides funding levels for felony and misdemeanor probation supervision based on the LBB January 2013 population projections.
Provides $30.0 million in additional funding above the FY 2012-13 levels for CSCDs community corrections and diversion programs.
Maintains funding for the Treatment Alternatives to Incarceration Program at the FY 2012-13 levels.
Provides $17 million to fund CSCD Health Insurance at anticipated FY 2014-15 expenditure levels, an additional $1.2 million for the Battering Intervention and Prevention Program, and $0.3 million for the Friends for Life program to provide training and community service for probationers.

Provides $6.0 million of additional funding for mental health services and continuity of care for adult offenders.

Provides funding for a 5% salary increase for correctional officer positions (Correctional Officers through Warden and Correctional Laundry/ Food Service Managers).
Requires TDCJ to reduce correctional bed capacity as needed to implement the funding reduction of $97.3 million in budget line items for contract prisons, privately operated state jails, or residential pre-parole facilities.
Maintains staffing and funding for operational areas within the incarceration function (such as correctional officers, unit support staff, utilities, maintenance, and agriculture operations) at the FY 2012-13 levels.
Maintains funding for substance abuse treatment programs and rehabilitation and reentry programs, such as chaplaincy and the sex offender treatment program, at the current operational levels.
Provides funding for an additional 75 reentry transitional coordinators.

Provides funding [$61.7 million] above FY 2012-13 levels for offender healthcare; to include $30.6 million to maintain current level operations; $16.0 million for market level salary adjustments; $5.4 million for critical capital equipment needs; and $ 9.7 million for the restoration of key healthcare staff.

Continues funding [$10.0 million] for the purchase of comprehensive video surveillance systems.

Provides staffing and funding for parole supervision based on the LBB January 2013 population projections.
Provides funding to maintain current operational levels for halfway house and intermediate sanction facility beds.

Provides $50.0 million in general obligation bond funding for major facility repairs during FY 2014-15.
Includes $13.8 million for the replacement of aging vehicles.
Provides $6.9 million in funding for the replacement of obsolete personal computers and $12.9 million for the Electronic Document Management System.

Includes funding for a targeted 5% correctional officer salary increase (Correctional Officers through Warden and Correctional Laundry/ Food Service Managers) in FY 2014.
Funds officer equity adjustments for Schedule C Employees (Office of Inspector General Investigators) during the FY 2014-15 biennium.
All other agency employees will receive a salary increase in FY 2014 of 1%, with a $50 monthly minimum; and in FY 2015, an additional 2% increase, with a $50 monthly minimum.